Monday, September 20, 2010

Hey family. Sounds like all is well. I can't believe you found Padmay. I miss that little kitty. The cats here are not as nice as ours. I'm sure Ryan Mathews will make a few mores errors in his carrier. I can't wait to see him play. Well, this week has been a good week. Oh, let Ashley know that I love her and I miss her. Oh, and let her know I said happy birthday. I can't believe she is 20. She is getting so old. Happy birthday, mom! I can't believe you are going to see "The Phantom of the Opera." Wow, I bet those tickets cost an arm and a leg. You'll have to let me know how it went. I've always wanted to see a live opera. Well, this week has been good. We have a baptism this Saturday. I'm excited. My convert here in Jesus de Otoro is really progressing. He is going to receive a calling really soon. I think the president is going to call him as the secretary. He is a good guy. I love that family. He is going to baptize his little girl in December. Well, we should have transfers next week. I don't want to leave the area. I like it here, but I think its my time. I have 8 months in the Siguetepeque zone. But you never know. I could stay here another 2 months. Well, this week has been good. I love you all. Have a good week. Enjoy your birtdays!

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