Friday, September 3, 2010

Email from Monday, 30 August 2010

Hey everyone. I have had a wonderful week. We married, baptized, and confirmed a family this week. I married someone before I got myself married. How funny is that? Thanks for the advice that you gave me about the mosquitos. The mission has given us bug repellent, and a mosquito net. I put the bug repellent on everyday. Its a commandment here on the mission. I'm happy to hear you have experienced dancers in your class. I'm glad you do not have to dumb it down, hehe. I have to do that for my English class. I understand your situation. The only way to fix the problem if there are student on different levels is to separate them into groups. That seems to be working in our class. Well, we recently got new students in our English class. One of them can speak English fairly well. She still needs a lot of practice. Well, this month has been really good. For the first time on my mission I achieved my companionship goal for baptisms. Our zone also achieved its goal for baptisms. We are very excited. Today we are going to go out to eat. Hopefully we aren't too late. We are suppose to meet at the restaurant at 1 and its 12:50. I always new Ryan Mathews would play for the NFL. I said that from the beginning. He is a good football player. Well, I heard something the other day that I would like to share with dad. If we miss a meal through out the day. What usually happens? We get hungry, right? Its the same with church. If you miss a class, you will go through the week spiritually hungry. You have to attend all of the classes. If you really pay attention to what's being taught I promise you, you will be uplifted and the Holy Ghost will teach you new truth that you never knew. As much as those programs that you watch are entertaining, they are not truths. If you want to know what a truth is read Jacob 4:13. OK, I love you all. I really do miss you. It sounds like everything is going well. Well, I love you all. Have a good week. Stay out of trouble and don't lose anymore cats.

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