Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Email from Monday, 26 July 2010

Hey family! How is everyone? I'm sure you're all fine. I miss you all. This week has been good. We had a baptism Saturday, but they didn't show up on Sunday to receive the Holy Ghost. We baptized two teenagers. They are really excited about the church. They go to all the activities and they love to read the Book of Mormon. Their parents aren't as excited about the church. They wanted to be baptized but they don't want to do their part. They haven't attended church yet. I even offered them spaghetti if they went to church, but they never went. We want to baptized the whole family but their attendance is somewhat of a problem. The funniest thing happened this week. We found a family 2 weeks ago and we began teaching. On our 3rd visit we asked the mom to be baptized on the 31st of this month. Little did we know, she was already baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! Oh funny right!? She has been inactive for 4 years now and she finally went to church the week before we asked her to be re-baptized. Well, whats even more strange about what happened is that she has children that haven't been baptized, so we are going to baptize her little boy on the 7th of next month. He doesn't know how to read so we offered to teach him to read. We started teaching an English class every Saturday, and I asked my companion and the other missionary who lives with us to teach him to read. How weird right, sometimes the Lord works through us in mysterious ways. I can't believe we tried to baptize a member. Well, we have an amazing family that we are teaching right now. They are going to get married next month on the 7th or the 14th. I'm not too sure because we have to wait 15 days for their marriage document to be processed. They are totally loving the gospel. The father barely reads but he always reads the chapters that we assigned him. I am really excited for them. We also found a new investigator this week. He is really positive. His father died a while ago and we taught him the plan of salvation and he really enjoyed the lesson. The spirit really testified through us. We asked him to be baptized and he accepted. Now all we are missing is his attendance. Well, thanks for all of your letters. Thanks for the socks as well. I cant wait to get them. I'm even more excited for the junk food that you sent me! OK, thanks for everything. I love you all.

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