Monday, July 5, 2010

Well, this week has been good. We have transfers this week. I think I might be a district leader for my area. I'm not too sure. I'll let you know next week. We will see what happens. I've been reading a lot about humility. Humility is a difficult attribute to acquire. If we are humble, we are willing to submit to the commandments. We also are confident that whatever the Lord wants us to do we can accomplish if we rely on our Savior. Our confidence should never be in ourselves but in the Lord. He is all powerful. If we rely on him, we can accomplish anything. The opposite of humility is pride. Pride is a serious problem. If we are prideful, we cannot progress. It is a stumbling block. Thinking we are better than others and glorifying things that we own are all signs of pride. Sometimes its hard to see pride in ourselves because we are prideful, and as soon as we think we're humble, we fail to be humble. The only way to overcome our pride is to submit to the Father and realize how weak we truly are. I have to give a talk next Sunday. I don't know the subject yet. We didn't have a class for the investigators, so we started teaching a class for the investigators last Sunday. Our branch is really starting to progress. We started an activity every Saturday. We share a message, play games,and we usually eat a little snack. When we first started it, no one helped us. We shared the message, we did the games, and bought all the snacks. This week the branch started doing the activity with out us!!!! We assigned people to take care of the activity, and it has worked! The branch is actually starting to look like a branch! The first week I got here we created a plan for a member that was addicted to alcohol. I've been here for about a month now and he hasn't relapsed. I'm way excited for him. The other Sunday he paid his tithing! He is doing really well. He started leaving with us to teach. He is way awesome. I don't remember if I told you this, but we had a baptism last Saturday. We baptized a 14 year old girl. He father really didn't want her to get baptized because he thinks she doesn't understand what we are teaching her. About a week before her baptism, we taught a beautiful lesson on faith and how we don't need to understand everything to have faith in god. It really changed his mind about the whole thing, so she ended up getting baptised. The spirit is really important in this work. We had no idea what to teach that man. We were sitting there in silence for about 3 minutes, and all of a sudden the Spirit told us what to teach and what to say. I could never do this work with out the spirit. Well, I hope everyone had a nice 4th of July. I love you all. I hope all is well.

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