Monday, May 3, 2010

Hey family! It sounds like everyone is doing just fine! Happy anniversary! I'm sure you all had a good time! Happy birthday, Dad. Cinco de mayo means 5th of May in English. I never really thought about what that meant until I read your letter. I'm doing good here in Honduras. This week was very difficult. We worked really hard. We walked more than 20 miles this week. My companion has a blister on his foot we walked so much. We have a baptism date for the 22nd. We met a girl. She went to church last Sunday and my companion set a date for her. I'm excited! Its not set in stone yet. We are going to visit her tomorrow. Not many of our in investigators are progressing. The work has been moving very slow. I gave a lesson in our district meeting last Tuesday. I talked about how to teach to others with simplicity. I had a teach for 15 minutes. I think I taught for about 8 minutes. I'm enjoying the mission. Sometimes its hard but I'm getting the hang of it. I still don't understand everything that the people are saying to me, but I am trying my best. I believe my Spanish is getting better. Its a slow process. My clothes are becoming a little worn. I'm due for a new pair of slacks. There is an elder in my district named Elder Voss. He is really cool. He says hi, and that he loves you all. This coming week is Mother's Day! How exciting. How quickly time goes by. These two years are going to go by so quickly. The time the Lord has given is very short. I have to make the best of it. I learned something this week. No matter how hard somethings might appear to us, if the Lord commands us to do something, we have to do it! Like Nephi, who was commanded to built a boat. We are not commanded to built boats or lead a people across a desert. The Lord has asked us to live his commandments and to give a little of our time. As fearful as we might be to give up our time or do what the Lord asks, God knows best, and he will bless us for our efforts. We might not be adequate to do the lords work, but if we do all we can to get the job done, he will help us and bless us with strength. I am very grateful to be able to do the Lords work as difficult as it may be. Thanks for all your letters. They are very appreciated. I don't know what I would do with out them. I love you all. Have a good week. Oh, to answer your question, it is not very hot right now.

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