Monday, May 17, 2010

Hello family. How's everyone doing? I'm doing just fine. This week has been good. We taught a lot this week but our labors haven't been noticed. None of the investigators we taught attended church Sunday. Well, it sounds like you guys had a very relaxing week. Hey, be careful with those kids. They could get injured playing your pool. Make sure they don't come over while you guys aren't home. Does the pool have a fence around it? It sounds like those missionaries are having a rough week. We usually don't have those kinds of problems. We always have some one that visits with us. They don't want to progress. They'll permit us to teach them, they just don't want to go to church. We teach a lot more lessons than the missionaries in the states. The missions are completely different. Wow, I remember Elder Ray. He played the guitar and he is from Hawaii. I can't believe he is going home. Time flies! These two years are going to go by so quickly! I went on companionship exchanges again with Elder Erickson. He is a good missionary. I enjoy going on splits with gringos. It makes things more interesting. While we were on the exchange, we placed a baptism date for the 29th! Do you still talk to his mom? I'm going on a companion exchange tomorrow with a mini-missionary. He isn't a missionary yet. He should leave for his mission next month. I didn't know they still had mini-missionaries. Have you seen the movie The Other Side of Heaven? Well Colipoque's companion was a mini-missionary. I'm glad to her you got your bed. I bet if feels good to have a nice bed to sleep on. Haven't you all been sleeping on the ground? Wow, I wish I had some pictures of the house. Maybe you guys could send me a few photos. I started reading the Bible this week. I read it before I go to bed. Nothing that interesting has happened this week. Well, I miss you all and I love you. We ate pizza today! OK I love you all.

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