Monday, May 24, 2010

Hey family! I had a wonderful week! Thanks for your letters. I received the package you sent me. Thanks for the pictures. I really like them. I really liked the candy as well, so did my companion. We had a conference this week. I went to the city. Elder Clark of the 70 spoke. He was amazing. He spoke for 3 hours and I was never bored. It really re-focused me. Ever since the conference I have had a new mentality. I'm really starting to understand what a mission is all about. Last Friday I spoke for a baptism! Elder Voss and Elder Canizalez had a baptism. I spoke about baptism. I did a really good job. I really surprised myself. Whenever we had baptisms during my first couple of months here, I used to think " Wow, when will I give a talk at a baptism? I wonder if I can do it." Wow, how weird, I've never spoken at a baptism in English. I really enjoyed giving the talk. I don't get that nervous anymore like I used to. Well, as soon as I walk up to talk I get a little nervous, but after I start talking it doesn't even effect me. We have been teaching an 11 year old girl. She will be baptized next week. I won't be here for it. I'm going to leave the area. I have been here a while. Her dad lives in the United States. He is not a member but he knows that the church is true. We talked to him by phone the other day. He is in agreement. He wants to be a member but he is addicted to cigars. Maybe her getting baptized will motivate him to do the same! She really doesn't understand us very well, so I made these pictures a while ago for the plan of salvation. The pictures really helped her. She is really shy. Well, I hope you all know how blessed you all are. The house is spectacular. That house is a testament of God's love for us. Don't forget the Lord. Everything we have comes from our Heavenly Father. I have a question. Have you dedicated the house yet? If not, you should get on that. Ok, I have to get going. I love you all very much, and I miss you all. Keep me in your prayers. Don't forget to do your family prayers. Those are just as important as your personal prayers.

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