Saturday, March 19, 2011

Email from Monday 10 January 2011

Hey family! Thanks for your letters. Sounds like everything´s ok! Well, this week has been good. I had my first leadership meeting on Wednesday. I almost didn't have my jacket for the meeting. I gave it to a member from my ward to dry clean it. I haven´t dry cleaned my jacket since the MTC. Well, it smells a lot better. I'm glad I gave it to him. He brought me the jacket 15 minutes before the meeting. Two of my companions from the MTC are now leaders. It was nice to see them at the meeting. Their Spanish has improved. We have a new plan for the mission. It's really good. It's a plan for the members so that they can get involved in mission work. I hope we have more success with our new plan. I took a blind man to church on Sunday. We were a little late for church because he walks so slow. We had to take a taxi instead of the bus. We want to baptize him this month but he's always working. He sells candies and chips in the market. He´s really positive. Well, I love you. You're always in my prayers.

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