Thursday, June 24, 2010

Email from Monday, 21 June 2010

Hey family, thanks for the letters. Sounds like you're all having a good time. Thanks for the picture of you all. Dad is a mad man. I can't believe he climbed down off that cliff. I wish I could have been there with you all. Grandpa's family looks good. They look different, but good. What happened to my old car? Are you going to repair it? I would like to have something to use after my mission. My week has been okay. We haven't had much success. Most of the baptism dates we had have been canceled. We only have one person who wants to get baptized, but she is having trouble with the word of wisdom. She can't stop drinking coffee, and we can't baptize her until she stopped drinking coffee. She had an interview last Friday but she didn't pass because she drank coffee. Her family is really funny. Her brother reminds me of George of the Jungle. He likes to run around naked and he fears nothing. The other day he kicked a bull. I couldn't believe it. He is about 5 or 6 years old. Her other brother is really funny as well. While we were teaching a lesson about the restoration, he all of sudden looked at me after I finished speaking and he said "¡Es un gringo!" It was really funny. I don't think they understand the message, but at least they're somewhat willing to listen. Our attendance at church has been low. Only 60 members showed up for church last Sunday. We brought a new investigator to church which made up for the attendance. She seems interested. They are a family of 5. We need to get them married before we can baptize them, but we asked them to be baptized and they accepted. Now we have to seal the deal. There isn't much to eat here in Jesus de Otoro. The members are really poor, so we have to eat at restaurants a lot. I really like this food called baleadas. They are amazing! It is tortilla, beans, eggs, and cheese. They put some sort of cream in it as well. Its called mantequilla. The food here in Honduras is actually descent. Contacting has been kind of tough lately. Everyone is watching the world cup. I guess the United States is doing really well right now. You guys should watch it. Honduras is playing today. They told us not to go to the restaurants because we are not allowed to watch the world cup and the president doesn't want to hear our confessions if we do watch it. They really like soccer here. If Honduras loses, I don't think we'll have much success this week. Everyone will be really sad. I have to go now. OK, I love you all, and I miss you! Thanks for your support.

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