Saturday, August 28, 2010

Email from Monday, 9 August 2010

Hello family! Sounds like everyone had a successful week. I'm glad to hear your talks went well. This week has been a successful week for us as well. I'm really enjoying the mission. My companion is a little homesick but I've been trying to help him get over it. He is a funny guy. My Spanish is really coming along. I speak fairly well. I keep improving everyday. I study everyday. Ive been learning how to speak in a different form. There are two forms that I am learning. One is called the Tu and the other is called the Vosotros form. I can really speak well in the vosotros form. Vosotros is an older type of Spanish. The scriptures were written in vosotros. I like to speak in vosotros. Its fun. I don't speak so well in tu. I probably speak better in vosotros form because I read the scriptures all day. Well, we should have transfers next week. I think we are going to remain in the area. I hope I stay in the area. We are going to have success here. Yeah, the area that I am in does not have normal roads. They are dirt roads. We are always dirty in Jesus de Otoro. I think it's fun. My companion thinks otherwise. I try to stay clean but it's impossible here. We found someone that can cook for us. She started cooking last week. Her food is really good, so you all don't have to send me more food. We have to pay 30 limpiras every plate. It's worth it. We are going to baptize a little kid this Saturday. He doesn't know how to read very well, so we have been teaching him how to read every Saturday. He is really excited for the baptism. We are going to have a member baptize him. I am also teaching English every Saturday. It's actually really difficult because everyone is on different levels. So I decided this week that I'm going to actually prepare for the class on Saturday. I really don't have much time to prepare but I'm going to try to find time. Teaching is a lot harder than it looks. I can speak English, but I really don't know how to teach it. We have a book that we have been using, but it really doesn't explain how to present the material to the class. I was talking to a teacher the other day, and I told him that I teach an English class on Saturdays and he offered me a job at his school. How funny, right? Well, Thanks for your letters. I love you all. If you all want to send me a package, I would like shirts. I don't have very many clean shirts.

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